How to Tell Your Ring Size

By admin On April 27, 2013 Under Purity Rings

A purity ring is a beautiful way to show off your commitment to save yourself until marriage, and shopping online can help you find the perfect purity ring in very little time. To ensure that you’re satisfied with the ring that you choose, it’s important that you purchase a ring in the correct size. Because we want to make shopping for a new purity ring as simple as possible, we’ve put together this explanation of how to tell your ring size.

Choosing the Time to Measure

Determining your ring size would be easy if your finger always remained the same size, but your finger’s circumference changes many times during the day. Because you’ll want to wear your ring all day long, you’ll need to be sure that it will be comfortable and easy to slip on and take off when your finger is at its widest. As a result, it’s important to measure your finger in the evening when your hands are warm. Most experts recommend measuring about 1 week before your menstrual period as well.

The Simplest Technique

If you’re wondering how to tell what ring size you are, you’ll need to measure your finger. This can be challenging to do with a standard ruler or tape measure, but there is a very easy technique that you can use. All you’ll need to do is trim a piece of sturdy paper into a strip that is 3/4″ in width by 4″ in length. Put a mark on one end of the paper and use it as a starting point, wrapping the paper around your finger. Create a second mark at the spot where the paper overlaps. Then, remove the paper and use a ruler to find out the length from one mark to the next. Once you have a measurement in inches, use our handy calculator to get your ring size:

Ring Size:

Things to Remember

If your ring size is a whole number, you’re in luck and ready to start shopping. Half ring sizes are found at some jewelers, so if you’re exactly halfway in between sizes, you may be able to find a purity ring that is a perfect fit. In the event that your measurement ends in 1/4 or 3/4, round up to the next available half or whole size. No matter how confident you are in the accuracy of your measurements, be sure to read the return and exchange policies of any jeweler before you buy; reputable jewelers should allow you to send back your ring for a bigger or larger size as needed.

Now you know the simplest method of how to tell your ring size! Take your time, shop carefully and most of all, have fun! You’ll want the process of choosing your purity ring to be as memorable as the first time you slip it onto your finger and make your promise.

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